Top 7 Website Design Trends To Watch Out In 2020

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A lot of advancements are happening in website designing every year. When it comes to establishing a solid identity for a brand, a killer website design is the main thing that makes it possible. Designers have to ensure that the interface is appealing yet simple to navigate. Design trends keep on evolving and to stay at par with the latest trends, it’s important to keep yourself updated about them. Here are seven website trends that one should keep an eye on:

1. Asymmetrical Web Layouts What’s the most important thing that makes a really good first impression? Well, it’s the capability of a site to catch the attention of the user. Speaking of which, asymmetrical layouts help in accomplishing this goal. The trend for these is on the rise. With so many nice-looking websites out there, it is important to make yours stand out. This kind of layout strikes the perfect balance between images and text.

2. Video Elements We all focus on the importance of perfect titles and headers and strive to make them catchy. Then comes the importance of adding relevant images for grabbing attention faster. But the king of all multimedia is without any doubt, videos! It is a known fact that videos offer the highest level of engagement. They can appeal to human emotions and drastically impact the overall conversion rate.

3. Minimalistic Design Even though multimedia and catchy taglines entice viewers, it’s important to leave some blank space for users to process the content easily. Gone are the days where merely bombarding your site with images brought in viewers. It’s an old tactic and users can see right through it. According to the current trends, customers like spacious layouts with to-the-point text and multimedia. Having a minimalistic layout saves your time and provides the soothing and simple interface the audience is looking for. 4. Attractive Presentation If the content is king, then the presentation is the queen! No matter how ideal your content is. As long as the presentation is weak, you can’t get the most out of your website content. Use some attractive animations and mouse hover over features to ensure that viewers are attracted to your website. A good presentation increases engagement and interactivity of the content, thus, enhancing the conversion rate and ROI. 5. Innovative Voice Search Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc are some of the voice assistants ruling the online world today. The number of people in today’s world using voice queries is increasing day by day. A voice-capable interface is the most appropriate choice for website designers to expand the user base.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ML and AI are much more than some hyped buzzwords. Even though they haven’t become mainstream yet, the world is shifting to a smarter way of living. And these two technologies have a major role to play in that. They help in gathering customer behavior and user insights that help in determining user activity. This, in turn, helps in making improvements according to what the users want. AI in web designing and development is not new. However, it has the potential to change the way websites usually operate. 7. 3D views and Virtual Experience People buy lots of stuff online but don’t get to have a direct look and feel of the product. With the help of a virtual reality and 3D modeling, websites can offer insights that almost provide them the experience of being physically present in a store..

  • Summing It Up
  • it is important to have an impeccable website design
  • keep on making improvements and providing a better customer experience to your users.
  • Transform your website for the best!
  • Use the above-mentioned trends to your advantage