Our history

How we came here



Group fondation

We started as Mangi Consulting with only services such as registering companies and Graphic design



We innovated new ideas

This is the period whereby the company started growing as we started coming with new ideas and introducing new services such as website design , printing and embroidery etc.



We are bigger

Clients started coming in and we were introduced to new ventures such as website maintainance and hosting , we then merged with other companies that deals with extra services that we needed to reach out for our clients as we were expanding and being exposed to the world of new technology


New incubator

We are online!

Intellect new solutions pty ltd , the name came up as we realised that there is nothing we cannot do , talking about paperwork, creativity and cyber we can do it all , we bring excellent solutions to businesses as we solve complicated problems, we are now introducing App development and Domain registration , so this year we aim to satisfy our clients and we guarantee no disappointment will come from our side

Need more information?

send us an emal at info@intellectnewsolutions.co.za

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